The latest sequel to the thrilling Ace Attorney series will be available in Japan quite soon and fans worldwide can't help but reminisce the most controversial cases in the games. With all the hype for the upcoming title, some who have no previous experience shouting "Objection" across the courtroom have become interested to try it out.

For those who have just recently heard about the games, or have been wanting to try it but just had the chance now, with a total of 9 titles (including the spin-offs), we know how intimidating it could be to choose which of them to play. Some may want to purchase it all, but others may not have enough money or time to spend on completing their Ace Attorney adventures. With that in mind, we thought of helping you out by listing down the top 5 in the series according to the fandom.

5. Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth

In the Investigations series, the tsundere prosecutor in red, Miles Edgeworth, takes the lead to prove that his job isn't only to get criminals convicted, but to find out the truth and expose it as well. With the help of the airhead (yet quite adorable) detective Dick Gumshoe, and a new character, the self-proclaimed "great thief" Kay Faraday, he solves five overarching cases through evidence searches and "rebuttal phases" where he questions the witnesses further.

One major change implemented in this title is its gameplay. While other Ace Attorney games is of the visual novel form, Ace Attorney Investigations features an RPG-like element where players take control of Edgeworth's avatar, which can walk around rooms to find clues and approach NPCs to talk to them.

4. Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney

Although it's extremely heartbreaking to see the legendary Phoenix Wright lose his precious attorney badge and becomes a pianist instead, this game has perhaps the most realistic cases that will certainly prove to be a challenge to solve.

It might be a big "turnabout" for loyal fans of the series since, in this sequel, the legal genius, Mr. Wright gets accused of murder, adopts the daughter of famous magicians, and starts his own talent company, but if you like meeting new characters and taking on mind-boggling cases, then this game's definitely for you!

Oh, and that cute scientific investigator-wannabe makes a comeback--Ema Skye!

Don't tell me Case 1 here didn't blow you away. Now that's a twist, one of the main characters on the box art is a villain. Case 2 was solid, though Case 3 was pretty bad. Final Case is pretty much two in one. Its cool to see how Phoenix lost his [badge],and the Mason System was creative. Really solid final case.

[...] I did feel that Apollo was an okay character and that Klavier was just badass. It's nice to have a prosecutor who wasn't a complete asshole for once.

3. Ace Attorney: Dual Destinies

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