Ever since Pokemon Go has gone live, there was a steady decline in the shared enthusiasm Clash Royale once held. Of course, right now, Clash Royale has regained its lead and is currently the top grossing game on iTunes.

Looking back, however, what just happened? How did Pokemon Go suddenly came out and just destroyed the charts last July and August? Perhaps it appealed to a younger demographic? Or maybe the nostalgic ones? We'll dig into the archives of Reddit for the answer, straight from the players themselves.

The Rise of Pokemon Go

It seemed like Clash Royale would last forever. As a top-ranking TCG for mobile with a growing following of Youtubers and strategists alike, many tried to duplicate the success that Supercell's chosen app had created for itself and failed. With updates inbound and new cards to collect, it appeared the game was climbing higher into greatness. 

And then Niantic's Pokemon GO went live. Almost immediately, Clash Royale suffered some decline in daily users, and even more so in online views on dedicated Youtube channels. This strange phenomenon occurred almost overnight, but why? 

This Reddit comments are just some of the many who agreed that playing Pokemon GO actually improved their overall mood. On the other hand, Clash Royale was more of a psychological bummer perhaps due to its competitiveness. From personal experience, I can tell you how it feels to work hard at leveling your cards, and fighting for that victory only to be punished three to five times in a row over the next few matches. In Clash Royale, you strive to make it to the next arena, then get knocked down to the beginners' circle, just to be brutally beaten by new players.

There is a psychological connection to being dispirited again and again in this manner, a deep pit that causes you to doubt your own ability and intelligence. It's a type of virtual depression, and for many, Pokemon GO was the antidote for their wounded soul.

Healing With Pokemon GO

Pokemon GO has been attributed to increasing mood and mental well-being all across the globe. Helping people with anxiety and depression leave the house by giving them incentive has helped improve lives drastically. So is it really a wonder when people abandon the frustration of failure that Clash Royale eagerly provides in exchange for a happier game?

And it's not just Clash Royale players who find it relaxing and stress-relieving. The augmented reality game is currently being used in children's hospitals, helping patients heal by offering a healthy dose of fun to their regimen.

For more information, read the full story here.

Clash Royale's Regained Momentum

Just around September, Clash Royale went all out with advertising and promotion. A TV commercial here and tons of funny videos there. Not to mention, game developer Supercell finally added the option Clash Royale players wanted the most: the option to mute emoticons. 

It is possible that finally, Clash Royale has become very enjoyable and very competitive. With the option to turn off emoticons, the game has seen an increase in users. And now, it is the top-grossing app again.

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