With awesome graphics, voiced characters, and a mysterious story, there is no wonder why Mobius: Final Fantasy is still creating a loud buzz one month after its release. Although the reviews are mixed--some disapprove of it being a pay-to-win game, while others applaud Square Enix Global's continuous effort to listen to the voice of players--we cannot deny the fact that even at its earliest, it is indeed a game worth trying.

One of the aspects that keep its fans excited long after they have completed the first two available chapters is the plethora of events and new contents scheduled to be released each month. And for September, we have the following.

Silent Ruins

The first Exploration Region to be released, wandering around the Silent Ruins allows players to gather valuable loots. Moreover, the amount of skill seeds received differ each day, so logging in daily is a must if you're bent on unlocking all Skill Panels as soon as possible.

Unlike previous event regions, this one basically endless, as it will remain accessible throughout the game.

If you don't care much about story spoilers, you can check out the video below to view all cutscenes and obtainable loots in the first part of the region.

Third Set of Job Cards

Along with the aforementioned region, three new Jobs have been released.

On the right is Samurai, a Warrior-type Job wielding the power of Water, Wind, and Earth. In the middle is the Ranger-type Assassin, who harnesses Fire, Water and Earth. Lastly, we have the Red Mage, who is able to use Fire, Wind, and Earth Abilities.

Multiplayer Mode

Finally, we can fight alongside comrades starting next week!

The Multiplayer Mode will officially become available through a region called "Ring of Braves". In this area, players get to form teams to fight off monsters with the ultimate goal of defeating an giant bull-like creature named "Sicarius".

Curious as to how Multiplayer battles look? Watch this video!

Final Fantasy Record Keeper Tie-in

If you haven't heard of the game, FFRK is another mobile-exclusive in the Final Fantasy franchise that was globally released last year. It is enjoyed by long-time FF fans for two reasons: the graphics are reminiscent of old-school FF titles, and the game's premise lies in the protagonist's ability to teleport to the realms of older installments.

Final Fantasy Record Keeper characters will appear in Mobius as Legend Cards from 8th September to 7th October. Here are some of the cards that were obtainable from the Japanese server's event.

Vanilla and Fang - a Mage-type Water-element card that has amazing firepower but lacks in Break Power

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