The release of Pokemon GO has spawned a new generation of Pokemon enthusiasts, each with their own unique way of enjoying the game. @TeamYellowGoInstinct has created an adorable way to introduce you to some of the niche groups that share the collective love of Pokemon GO! Which kind are you?

The Casual Pokemon Go Player

Most of us can probably relate: you want to join in on the fun, but you can't just up and leave your adult duties. I mean, you could, but you're just too responsible for that! If you find yourself filling in brief windows of time between your daily work with PoGO, you're probably a Casual Player. 

Casual players enjoy the game on their own terms, and take their time to really enjoy long walks and quiet moments with their Pokemon.

The Pokemon Go Addict

People call you 'obsessed', but you're just passionate about Pokemon GO! So what if you slack off a little at work or school, if it means you're always ahead of your friends and peers? You'll be that much closer to being a Pokemon Master before everyone else, and your sacrifice will be worth it!

Pokemon GO Addicts can get easily caught up in the next big hunt, eager to fill their pockets with Stardust and take on the next gym. Being competitive isn't a bad thing. Just don't quit your day job!

Here's a perfect example of the Addicted type of PoGO player.

The Noob

In a world of left/right swiping, who swipes up?? You just wanted a Pidgey, but 10+ pokeballs later, you're still trying to hit it just once! Whoever said catching Pokemon was easy clearly has never tried it with a smartphone, right? While Noob Throwers have their work cut out for them, they can rest easy knowing it's just a phase, and they'll get better with practice. 

...And if that doesn't work, you can always try a special case like this one, designed to make pokeball-throwing a breeze. Now, if they could just get them to stay in the ball...

The Elitist

Kids these days don't understand what it means to be a true Pokemon fan, but you remember spending long nights grinding away on your GameBoy color, cable trading, and when Mew was the most ancient Pokemon around. Let's face it: if you don't know Pokemon Midori, you don't know nothin'! If this sounds like you, you might be an Elitist. 

Elitist Players are knowledgeable, but can sometimes let their "old school" status come across as arrogance. Calm down, guys! There are plenty of Pokemon to go around for many more generations to come.

The Cheater

We all know gamers are an intelligent bunch, and sometimes that means going to extremes to be the best. While it may not be fair to everyone else, who cares? Rules were made to be broken! Besides, you're just helping the game developers tighten up their security, right? If they didn't want people cheating, they shouldn't have made it so easy!

Nobody wants to be this guy, seriously. Especially not when Niantic is cracking down on players who have purposely pilfered Pokemon in an illegitimate manner, like GPS Spoofing and Botting. Don't risk losing your account, and ruining the premise of the game. Play fair!

The Legit Player

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