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Pokemon Go is without a doubt, the most popular game on any platform right now. 

Whether you liked the games, the anime, or the mobile gaming experience, you probably play Pokemon Go so that you have something to spend hours doing on your free time. Others have even taken the game very seriously that a couple of businesses sprouted because of it. Whether those are dating services or map locators, one thing's for sure - Pokemon Go had inspired a lot of what ifs.

Today's let's check out one of these what ifs - which is the creation of a fan-made Harry Potter game that marries Pokemon Go's unique features. 

Harry Potter-Themed Pokemon Game Trailer:

50,000 Harry Potter fans signed a petition to create a game that involves magic and wands and Dobbys and Pokemon Go's features. If Pokemon fans get to throw balls to cute monsters, why not let us swing our wands and cast spells?

If Pokemon fans get to throw balls to cute monsters, this Harry Potter game will have players swing their wands to Expeliarmus the enemy or cast the Patronus should in case we run into Dementors. 

Star Gaze Media, a motion graphics and design studio took the liberty to create a trailer imagining how Harry Potter GO would look like.

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Harry Potter GO Teaser:

As you can see from the trailer, this Pokemon Go-inspired game is set to have things you like from the Harry Potter universe - wands, sorting hats, and some card collection. Perhaps Chocolate Frog Card collecting??

It seems they put a lot of thought and effort in creating the mock video.

In my humble opinion, instead of collecting cards from magic stops, how about collecting spells or spell book? Okay, I'm getting ahead of myself for a second there. No word yet from Niantic, J.K. Rowling, Warner Bros. or other game development companies if they'd be interested in collaborating to create the game.

But who knows right? They might make it in the future!


Looking at the success of Pokemon Go, it's not surprising to see a game similar to Pokemon Go's mechanics in the future. It'd be interesting to see Harry Potter GO gets created but until then, it's just a dream that we can only pray for to come true.

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