I Am Setsuna a Must Play According To Square Enix and Here's Why:

I am Setsuna is set to take you back to the style of RPGs of the 90s. In fact, Square Enix themselves listed out 15 reasons why you should also be excited.

We've highlighted a few reasons why you must give this game a try. Not only because it has a tragic and classic style, but this game's story alone has us sold into playing it.

The Game Art:

The character design was done by toi8 — the team knew they wanted this character designer from the get go. Not only is he known by the current generation, his art style matches up nicely reflecting a melancholy spirit and heroic defeat that is visually striking. Previously he has worked on popular anime series Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood and Attack on Titan.

Toi8 worked his magic on this game. We have to say that the characters designs and concepts of this land of snow where the story takes place is incredible. Square Enix couldn't have picked anyone better to tackle this difficult job.

The Passion and Drive of the Team Behind the Game:

When hiring staff for Tokyo RPG Factory, applicants were not told that the studio was part of Square Enix. Yosuke Matsuda (CEO of Square Enix) wanted to hire people who were passionate about RPGs, rather than people who wanted to work for Square Enix.

This is one of the biggest reasons why you should give this game a try. Anything done by people who are passionate about what they are doing will always be better than someone who is just doing their job to get paid.

The Soundtrack:

In the I am Setsuna Teaser Trailer, Square Enix took a unique approach to explaining this game by narrating why they created this game. The background music, of course, is captivating.

Remembering the PlayStation and Super Nintendo era, the team crafted I am Setsuna by bringing rich story, music, simple turn based controls and gameplay mechanisms that include dungeon crawling, shopping in the cities and carefully upgrading your party, I am Setsuna allows those who grew up loving these elements to enjoy what they loved. This is a game that will strike deep emotion.

Square Enix plans to take us back to the days when you played JRPGs for hours and hours.

The E3 2016 Trailer:

Atsushi Hashimoto stated in an interview that he wants people to reflect back on the game and remember the game as “An RPG of Snow”. He really wants to create a game that people can reflect back on that is impactful.

As you can see, the whole team behind bringing back the glory of JRPGs with this awesome game is dead set on giving you a nostalgic game, packed full of emotional plots and memorable characters to revive what made JRPGs so amazing.

Those are just a few highlights out of Square Enix's list of 15 reasons why you should play I am Setsuna. For the full list of reasons, please click on the link below.

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