Christian Michael Martinez

2015 Asian Figure Skating Champion and two-time Triglav trophy champion, Filipino figure skater Christian Michael Martinez is also a fan of the show. Martinez tweeted a video on his Twitter watching the show.

Here is a video of him watching the show:

There have been rumors that Pichit Chulanont, a Thai figure skater in the show was based on Martinez which is probably why he started watching the show. He also said in a tweet that Pichit may be him according to this Twitter he posted:

Other skaters in real life also say:

As someone who has kept up with figure skating in real life, I can say everything is realistic. The competitions, the seasons, the skating, all true. I was surprised at the comedy at first, but I think it adds nicely to Yuri On Ice. And the animation - just wow! It's already pretty hard to animate figure skating with all the movement, but they did a fantastic job there. I also love the OP and ED, was surprised at the EDM ending but love it.

There are many different reasons why real life ice skaters love Yuri!!! on Ice. I think most of the reasons why skaters in real life love the show is because it's a show dedicated to a sport that they are a part of; or that a show's character is based on them; or maybe for the fact it is an anime for anime fans like Evgenia Medvedeva.

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