Overview of Pegasus:

A new event is commencing, and it's called "Welcome to Toon World". The event runs from December 20, 2016 up to December 27, 2016. You'll notice that the color of the Gate changed into red and something will float in the air. The thing floating is called Toon World.

In this event, you need to collect a specific event item called "Star-Chips". You can collect those by defeating Standard Duelers and Legendary Duelers. By collecting those, you can challenge an event-exclusive duelist named "Pegasus". He will be appearing at the gate during the event. Winning against Pegasus results in awesome prizes like cards and event points. Maximillion Pegasus can be unlocked as a playable character by gaining 250000 event points.

You must be at stage 4 or higher to be able to join the event.

Required Star Chips:

For you to be able to duel Pegasus, you will need a certain amount of Star Chips. There are also corresponding levels per Star Chips you acquire. 

5 Star Chips - Pegasus Lvl.10

10 Star Chips - Pegasus Lvl.20

20 Star Chips - Pegasus Lvl.30

40 Star Chips - Pegasus Lvl.40

Pegasus's Skills:

Skills, unique to each character, is used for drawing cards, increasing life points and for dueling. However, some skills can only be activated under certain situations.

Here are the Skills that Pegasus has:

• Creator
When LP is below 2000, you draw a strong card outside your deck. Can only be used once.

• It's a Toon World
Toon World is activated at the start of the duel.

LP Boost α
Increase starting Life Points by 1000.

Mind Scan
See the cards Set at your opponent's field if your LP is 3000+

If your LP reaches 2000, Duplicate the card you draw, At draw Phase.

Ritual Specialist
Can be used every time your LP has decreased by 1800. During the Draw Phase, you draw a random monster or spell card.

Pegasus's Decks:

Per level, Pegasus changes his deck:

Level 10 - Amateur Mind

Level 20 - Peace of Mind

Level 30 - Toon Mind

Level 40 - Toon Mind

Note: At level 40's deck, Pegasus tends to summon/special summon very high ATK Toon monsters, represented by Toon Gemini Elf and Toon Summoned Skull.  

Pegasus's Starter Deck:

Pegasus's Starter Deck consists of:

Monster Cards

• 3 Dark Rabbit
• 2 Eyearmor
• 3 Killer Needle
• 1 Parrot Dragon
• 1 Relinquished
• 3 Red Archery Girl
• 3 Supporter in the Shadows
• 3 Wattkid

Spell Cards

• 1 Black Illusion Ritual

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Strategy to Beat Pegasus:

Level 10 and level 20 are decks which are easy to beat. However, level 30 and 40 decks are exclusive decks that only Pegasus use.

You can use the Cerberus deck to defeat Pegasus. Make Cerberus gain much ATK power, Once it has high ATK power, Pegasus will only set monsters on his field. However, you can't just easily destroy his Toon World since he has Judgment of Anubis that can destroy your monster cards once it is activated.

With Cerberus having high ATK power, no monster cards can destroy it on the field, only trap and spell cards can do. So all you need to do is gain more ATK power. You can also use your spell cards to lessen Pegasus's life points to gain some advantage.

Now for the final blow. During your main phase, use your spell card "Stop Defense" to force one of Pegasus's monster card into face-up attack position. Moving on to the battle phase.

Since Pegasus's life points have decreased, your Cerberus can attack the face-up monster card with excess ATK power to deal enough damage to his life points. This combo will guarantee your victory against Pegasus.

How To Beat Pegasus level 40 with cerberus combo

Solixin defeating Pegasus at level 40 using Cerberus Deck.

Card Rewards You Can Obtain When You Beat Him :

Exclusive Duel Reward Cards:

*All Level:

Effect Monster Card
Dark-Eyes Illusionist

Normal Monster Cards
Toon Alligator

Spell Cards
Spell Reproduction

Trap Cards
House of Adhesive Tape
Mind Haxorz

*30 or more:

Effect Monster Card
Toon Mermaid
Toon Masked Sorcerer

Spell Cards
Toon World
Card of Sanctity

Trap Cards
Gorgon's Eye

Level-up Rewards:


Lvl.3- Jigen Bakudan

Lvl.7-Rogue Doll

Lvl.10-Manga Ryu-Ran

Lvl.11-Sword of Deep-Seated

Lvl.14-Rogue Doll

Lvl.-16-Jar of Greed

Lvl.18-Toon Alligator

Lvl.21-Rogue Doll

Lvl.23-Toon Rollback


Did you beat Pegasus already? Do you have some other strategy to defeat him? Let us know below!

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