Yui is an original character introduced in Sword Art Online. She is a designed AI for the game and became the child of Asuna and Kirito. From then on, Yui always plays an important part in the series. She turned into a Navi Pixie (ALOS), guiding her parents and the team in vast quests being take on..

In SAOMD, Yui is introduced as a pixie and now a playable character. Currently, she is a single-hand user and expecting to have other types later on.

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Yui Guide | Sword Art Online: Memory Defrag

Angel Cheer Yui:

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source: SAO Memory Defrag | © Reki Kawahara, Kadokawa Corporation, ASCII MEDIA WORKS/SAO MOVIE Project ©BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc.

Angel Cheer Yui is a single-handed sword unit in Memory Defrag. She is first introduced in the Hooray Love Cheers Banner in both JP and GL versions. This character is the very first playable character for SAO’s famous pixie, Yui.

AC Yui holds a pretty well balanced stats and overall skills (battle/sword). She is a Holy Unit where she can deal stronger against Dark Units. Her first and second skills are as normal as the past sword units in the game. Her third skill casts a buff that increases her allies ATK rate in a limited time. AC Yui’s ulti is called Bravery Slash. The animation is quick and simple, but it performs a multi-attack against enemies.

Angel Cheer Yui can be a great unit in finishing extra quests and the like.

• Our Ranking: B Unit
• Rarity: 4★
• Attribute Type: Holy / Light
• Weapon Type: Single-hand Sword
• Way(s) to Obtain: Hooray Love Cheers Scout Banner

We will continue to update this page as the game adds new characters exclusively for Yui! 

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