Platform: Nintendo 3DS, PlayStation Vita, PC
Genre: Adventure, Psychological Horror, Mystery
Publisher: Spike Chunsoft (Japan), Aksys Games (EU/NA)
Developer: Spike Chunsoft
Release Date: 3DS & Vita: June 28, 2016 (NA/EU), June 30, 2016 (Japan), PC: June 29, 2016
Official Website: http://zerotimedilemma.com/

About Zero Time Dilemma:

Zero Time Dilemma will be the third and last entry for the Zero Escape series. The series is known for its mysterious and suspense plot. Although, there are some humor and comedy being thrown in the dialogue to lighten the mood a little bit. 

The story is set to have several endings and a very complex plot. Players are more likely to replay the game several times to understand the plot fully. In this sequel, they will follow certain protagonists. There will be 3 protagonists with different perspectives, giving a more diverse narrative story-telling.

The gameplay will be a mix of escape-the-room and puzzle with a new gameplay called the Decision game. It will force the players to pick a choice that will create a dilemma of what would be the best choice in this situation.


More Information:

There will be several characters from the previous game that will be returning in this game such as Sigma, Akane and Junpei. Zero Time Dilemma will answer the unsolved mysteries from the first 2 games in the trilogy.

The cutscenes will be very different too as it will be in a form of cinematic cutscenes. It will be great for those who dislike text-heavy visual novels. However, some fans may dislike this direction. The decision game, which focuses on the players choosing difficult choices is interesting too. The players may pick the choice that might gain the protagonist's freedom by sacrificing some of the participants. On the other hand, they may pick the choice that will maintain their humanity and look for other ways to escape the game.

There are several randomized outcomes in the decision game, so each playthrough will be different.


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